Fairytale Treats
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Once upon a time Helmut Telle, a leading chef from Germany, and his wife Cheryl opened their own delicatessen in Mt.Eden. One of the first of its kind in New Zealand, named Konditorei Telle, it specialized in homemade German pastries, gateaux, breads and chocolates.
Despite the wall street crash, the little business was so popular they had to expand. Cara Telle purchased the business from her parents and later opened Morello Café in Sandringham village. When her daughter Sophia turned 1, Cara decided to sell the business to give her more time with the family.
Soon after baby Lars arrived. When Lars turned 1 Cara's passion for pastry and chocolates drove her to continue with the family tradition and so Fairytale Treats was born!
Fairytale Treats specialises in Gingerbread Houses which do not compromise in quality, using only traditional European Telle family recipes.